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Rope Hoist
  • capacity 20kg~20,000kg
  • 1. Compact structure, small size, high utilization of space.
  • 2. Light weight, easy to install.
  • 3. Ergonomic, easy to operate.
  • 4. Parts versatility, easy maintenance.
  • 5. Variety, with full series.
(capacity 20kg~20000kg) Development rope hoists are variety, with full series on many occasions and tons to meet your needs.CD1, MD1 series rope hoist are the improved product based on the original CD, MD-type product.Gear box used hardened gear transmission design, long life and high mechanical efficiency.Taper rotor brake motor with motor, with two ways upper and lower safety limit devices.Rope hoists have the fixed hoist and the travelling hoist types. CD1 type is single lifting speed, MD1 type is double speeds, lifting stable.
Compact structure, small size, high utilization of space. 2. Light weight, easy to install. 3. Ergonomic, easy to operate. 4. Parts versatility, easy maintenance. 5.Variety, with full series.
  20kg electrical rope hoist   30m~100m electrical rope hoist CD1 electrical rope hoist MD1 two speed rope hoist
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