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General Portal Crane

We offer portal cranes with capacities up to 50 tons and 31.5 meter span. Which was design for all types of service, such as, shipping yard, storage center, railway system and those workshop without columns. With features of easy maintenance, high reliability and safety, convenient installation, gantry crane can meet the material transportation without changing the workshop structure.
General portal cranes include: 1. Single girder semi-portal crane. 2. Single girder portal crane with hoist. 3. Double girder portal crane. 4. L type portal crane.


  • Single Girder Semi-portal Crane

    For plant or yard, where only one side column can be used occasion. It's also suitable for multi-levels crane service in the same span.Scope of supply: 1t-10t; Lk = 7.5m ~ 22.5m.

  • Single Girder Portal Crane With Hoist

    Single-girder portal crane with CD1, MD1 hoist is supporting the use of a light rail running small crane.Its application from the capacity of 2-10 tons and span is 7.5-31.5 m, the product is suitable for bulk cargo and lifting operation sites, the normal working temperature is -20 degrees ~ +40 degrees. This product is a general-purpose cranes, should not be used to melt metals and toxic, inflammable and explosive materials. It is used for handling or capture and storage of materials at outsite. The products have pendent switch control or cabin control.

  • Double Girder Portal Crane

    Main / creep hook were ranged from the weight of 50t, 32t, 20t, 16t, for railways, factories and mines yard, open storage of materials handling. As a result of "U"-type legs, leg distance is large, the driver a good view, it has great advantages in the loading and unloading heavy and big goods. Operation: this crane has a control cabin, which is equipped with joysticks control units, operating flexible, working comfort, but also can be equipped fans, air cools, air controls, air conditioners, overload limiters. The product can be customized all kinds of special spreader according to customer's needs, to achieve loading and unloading a variety of goods. This product meets GB/T14406-1993 "Portal Crane" national standard.

  • L Type Portal Crane

    L type gantry portal crane special engineering feaures L type legs, individual gantry drive units and vertical and horizontal reaction rollers for the trolley.Suitable for operation in the open storage yard.