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Special Cranes

Our professional sales engineers and excellent R & D center provide professional crane consulting, design and service.You just tell us your needs, we will provide you with tailor-made product and provide a full range of lifting applications. We have made lots of professional experience and successful solutions in following industries. We provide you with more advanced, reliable, safe and efficient materials handling products.


  • Subway and Tunnel Industry Cranes

    With the development of urbanization, city transportation becames the important issues for building a harmonious society and promoting the national economic growth. Subway and tunnel construction industry is a very special industry, due to tight schedule, poor field conditions, mainly used for lifting cement segment, the use of strength is very heavy, very small room size requirements, and also have a high level of dust-proof, water-proof requirements. Development cranes have achieved a lot successful application cases in the tunneling industry of China. Specially designed cranes have such advantages as high protection grade, compact size, and high working class to meet various needs of users. Development cranes have such key performance in the subway and tunneling industry as Shanghai World Expo, Nanjing subway, Herrenknecht, Communication Tunnel Authority, the Shanghai Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Railway Tunnel Authority and so on. Development crane can provide various types of cranes to meet a variety of industrial applications of material handling needs.We have wealth of professional experience and provide professional pre-sales consulting, sales service and comprehensive technical support according to customer's needs.

  • Steel Handling Crane

    Storage, handling operations and order-picking are processes that have to be performed continuously and reliably. Special magnets, stacker-cradle spreaders, spin crab and others load attachments provide for safe and reliable handling of coils, long bar material and sheet metal.

  • Ex-proof Crane

    With a close awareness of customers’ requirements, a large range of explosion cranes have been designed for using in many different fields such as painting shop, chemicals, petrol, gas industries, and any environment where is possible to explode. This new range of lifting unit is manufactured according to the new JB/T5897-2006 regulation, following requirement of JB/T5897-2006. Ex-proof cranes are suitable into 1 or 2 categories according the level of explosion risk in working area.

  • Power Industry Crane

    Power industry cranes have heavy capacity, light dead weight, the longest service life. It can reduce construction costs, has decades life time and long-term reliability of the equipment used with special requirements.