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EOT Electrical Overhead Travelling Crane

Development EOT cranes can meet your variety material handling needs, ranging in capacity from 500 kg to 300 tons, the span can reach 35 meters, widely used in various industries.We hope to use the most professional, most efficient way to provide you with the best material handling solutions.EOT cranes have the following categories:
1、single girder overhead crane
2、single girder suspension crane
3、double girder overhead crane


  • LD Type Single Girder E.O.T. Crane

    LD type single girder E.O.T. crane(named“the crane”inbelow)is a light and small type crane which travels on the rail and uses with type CD (single speed) or MD(dual speed) electrical hoist block to form a complete set.The capacity is 1~10t, and span 7.5~22.5m as well, working duty of the crane is medium(JC25%).It can be used in machine-building workshop and warehouses for handling and hoisting materials. warehouses for handling and hoisting materials. There are two operational forms ground and cabin operation.Two structures of the cabins, door opened at end surface and at side surface as well, optional for users The crane should work in the ambienet temperature range-25~+40oc,not suitable to work in flammable and expiosive medium and relative moisture is greater than 85% the place full of corrosive gas, not suitable to handle molten metal and the poisonous, flammable and explosive materials.This product is in conformity with the standard GB/T1306-1994“LD single girder E.O.T crane”of the Ministry of Mechanical Industries.

  • Single Girder Suspension Crane

    Lx elctrical single girder suspension crane with capacity 0.5-5t, span 3-16m and service duty A3-A5(JC=25%). It works in an ambient temperature from-20oc to+40oc. The electric hoist is matched to it and ground operated. It can be used in machine-shops or warehouses for metals handling. It is not suitable to word in places where there are flammable and explosive matericals,or full of corrosive gas, or whose relative humidity is over 85% .It is also not suitable to hoist molten metals and poisonous, flammable and explosive materials. This crane consists of a single girder. Electric hoist, travelling mechanism and electric apparatus. The travelling mechanism use sectional driver. The crane is mounted with safety protactive devices such as lifting limit and final end limit switches. Type FX load limiter is optional. This product is in conformity with the standardGB/T1306-1994“LX single girder electrical suspension crane”of The Ministry of Mechanical Industries.

  • Double Girder Overhead Crane

    Double girder overhead cranes are efficient, high strength, widely used in the workshop and warehouse to lift parts and goods. It runs both on the crane rail direction and the crab rail direction, and the hook moves up and down. Generally, it refers to the general purpose EOT crane and metallurgical EOT crane, the former mainly used in machining and assembly plant, the steel structure plant, machinery repair shop, various types of storage, metallurgy and foundry auxiliary work. The metallurgical is mainly used for lifting hot molten metal. General EOT crane is not recommended for using in high temperature (> +40 oc) and low temperature (<-20oc) place, or lifting hot metal, molten metal. it can't used in strong corrosive chemical gases workplace.