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Hoists and Load Attachment

Development hoist can apply to a variety of industries and requirements, from the starting weight of 50kg, manual chain hoist, lifting capacity to 300 tons lifting capacity of the winch, to meet the different needs of customers.


  • Manual Chain Block

    (Capacity 500kg~20000kg) HSZ series chain block is an easy to use, easy to carry the manual lifting, suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, agricultural production, and wharves, docks, warehouses, etc.HSZ is for installating equipment, lifting goods, loading and unloading of vehicles, especially for open and no power supply, more of its important function. HSZ series chain hoists can use with various of the TROLLEYS for monorail overhead transport, single girder overhead crane and jib crane.Features: HSZ series chain hoists used in structure design and performance. HSZ series chain hoists can use with various of the TROLLEYS for monorail overhead transport, single girder overhead crane and jib crane.

  • Chain Hoist

    (Capacity 500kg~5000kg) PK chain hoist is a ideal tool for lifting objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance of equipment. PK chain hoist can be installed in the suspention beam, and run on the curve track lifting objects , especially in the low headroom plant where is not suitable for overhead cranes and the selection of wire rope hoist. PK chain hoist type has its unique advantages in there. PK is compact, with a variety of installation, for example fixed, with manual trolley, with electric trolley. It is suitable for ultra-clean studio, the laboratory; plants with high-precision machine, processing center, debugging engines.The electric trolley has a simple structure, low dead weight, easy loading and unloading. It can be permanent installation or temporary use.Widely used in terminals, warehouses, construction and modernization of the production line.

  • Rope Hoist

    (capacity 20kg~20000kg) Development rope hoists are variety, with full series on many occasions and tons to meet your needs.CD1, MD1 series rope hoist are the improved product based on the original CD, MD-type product.Gear box used hardened gear transmission design, long life and high mechanical efficiency.Taper rotor brake motor with motor, with two ways upper and lower safety limit devices.Rope hoists have the fixed hoist and the travelling hoist types. CD1 type is single lifting speed, MD1 type is double speeds, lifting stable.

  • Load Attachments

    Load attachments is variety, with full series, which make your crane operation safer, more convenient and efficient! We offer a special load attachments with full series, excellent performance. You can add more funtions to your existing crane by using our load attachments.